If you are interested in learning about how FBChurch Garden Lakes ministers to its membership and its community, you have found the right page.  We have something for everyone!  Whether you want to grow deeper with God in study, use your musical talents, or find out how you can make a difference in the world through missions – our ministry programs are here to serve you – and to help YOU serve!  Follow the drop down links to your area of interest to learn more.

Did you know God gifts each believer with talents He intends for us to use for His glory? Each year our Pastor, Elders, and Nominating Team prayerfully invite members to engage in service through our various ministries.  We can help them with this challenging task by completing our service survey forms and discovering our God-given talents through the spiritual gifts inventory.  We are encouraging all of our members and regular attenders to participate.  You can email the completed form to the church office, or deliver it to the office, welcome center, or your Sunday School teacher when you’re on campus!

Download your forms here:

FBCGL Ministry Gifts Inventory


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