The term “elder” is used to designate teaching and leadership roles within a local congregation. Some elders are vocational elders while others are lay elders. We are blessed to have men serving as elders who, as the Bible requires, give themselves “to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.”

Elders must teach and pray. They are responsible for both public and private teaching. Elders are to contend for the faith, refuting and rebuking false teachers. They are to guard the people from errors, sins and dangers of all kinds—both from within and without. Elders are to be overseers of the congregation, leading both by precept and example.

Max Beal

Carl Kennedy

Troy Wilkinson


The word translated as “deacon” means servant. Deacons minister by caring for particular needs of the body, allowing our elders to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word.

Donald Cozby

Dallas Hendrickson

Ben Hicks

Kevin Rivers