Elder and Deacon Ministries

Ministry of the Elders:

The term “Elder” is used to designate teaching and leadership roles within a local congregation. Some elders are Vocational Ministers while others are lay leaders.  We are blessed to have men serving as Elders who, as the Bible requires, give themselves “to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.”  Elders must teach and pray.  Elders are responsible for both public and private teaching. Elders are to contend for the faith, refuting and rebuking false teachers.  Elders are to guard the people from errors and sins and dangers of all kinds, both from within and without.  Elders are to be overseers of the congregation.  Elders are to lead both by precept and example.  A detailed description of the role & responsibilities of Elders is available from the church office.

Elders:  Carl Kennedy, Max Beal, David Waltman


Deacon Ministries:

In the Bible, words have specific meanings and the word “deacon” means servant.  We are prayerfully petitioning The Lord to bring forward those with servants hearts to serve our congregation as deacons.  A detailed description of how our deacons serve is available from the church office.

We are thankful for John Higginbotham and Tom Forwith, who have answered the call of God to serve as deacons to our church and community.  Several other men are completing discipleship with our deacons as a first step toward their deacon apprenticeship*.  If you feel called to be a part of the deacon ministry, please contact John or Tom so they can help you take the first steps toward serving in this demanding, yet fulfilling, ministry.

*(In training:  Ben Hicks, Mark Minkowitz, Kevin Rivers)


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