The book of Genesis

When reading Genesis, I am forced look at the evil in man and how hurt our Creator was with us. Then how he displayed His righteous angry by flooding the world. But I also see the compassion He showed Noah and how God showed an example of his gracious mercy by giving us a second chance. Noah was 600 years at the time of the flood. God told him not to eat an animal with the blood still in it, and demanded an account of any blood shed of man. Noah lived 950 years. My favorite part of this book, is the covenant made by God with man and every living creature. So whenever I see a rainbow I’m reminded of His everlasting love for us. This portion of the website is a blog, so please feel free to engage and give your take on any topic as it applies to scripture. If at any point in time, you can elaborate on topics, you are more than welcome.

Humbly at your service,

Deacon, Benjamin G. Hicks


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